Get Your Fix!

Get Your Fix!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Don't Miss the Brain 2 Books CyCon and Book Expo All This Weekend!

Don't miss out on the Brain 2 Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo, all this weekend! Allison, Joshua and I will be there. I'm really excited because it's my first time doing this event. I hope you'll come, show your support and find some new great authors. A list of the events is below:
  • Main Event Page - you can find your way to everything from here!
  • Fantasy Event Page - just in case you want to head right to the fantasy stuff!
  • Giveaway Page - sign up to win free books!
  • Fantasy Scavenger Hunt - cool fun game (I got to pre-test it and it was really fun) where you can win some more free stuff: books, gift cards, etc.
There's tons more to see as well, so check it out and have fun!

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