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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#WIP Wednesday - It's Great to be Back to Work! | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

I’ve had a really great week so far. It feels great to be working again, and it’s not taking as long to catch up as I thought it would.
So far this week, I finished writing and editing Episode 20 of my Shadow Stalker serial. I just have to do a few things and it will be reading for release next Wednesday. I’ve also started working on Episode 21 and it should be written and edited by the end of next week.
Episode 22 is due for release in 3 weeks from now, so I’m planning to release them one a week. Then I’ll be all caught up with those.
As a special treat for my readers’ patience and understanding while I was sick, I’m offering Episode 20 free for the first 24 hours to my newsletter subscribers. So if you’d like to get that one free (along with Part 2 (Episodes 7 – 12)), sign up here.
That’s it for now.  Happy reading!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dominion Rising: 23 Brand New Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Medieval Monday: The Labors of June | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

In the Middle Ages, the arrival of June meant not only a change in the weather, but a shift in daily labors, and in what was on the menu to eat.
Labors of the month JuneWhile most crops were harvested much later in the summer, hay was the first to be cut in June, though it was typically poor quality. In a society so dependent on animals for survival, haying was a vital community activity, with the lord’s fields taking priority over all the others. This was a labor carried out by men, women, and children. They worked in groups under the supervision of a reeve that had been elected by the peasants themselves. The men cut the hay with long scythes, each going through about one acre per day. Women and girls were responsible for raking and turning it. If the hay was not able to dry out, it would rot and be of no use.
On the edge of the field, there would be a man with a whetstone who could make quick repairs to dull and broken scythes as needed throughout the day. A horn would be blown at dusk to signal the end of the work day.  Sometimes a lord would provide the laborers with a meal and ale, or allow villagers to take home as much hay as they could carry home on their scythe. Anyone who tried to pile on too much was likely to lose their load on the way and go home with nothing.
At the end of June, it was time to pull weeds from the wheat fields, plow fallow fields, and uproot thistles. However, it was considered unlucky in England to pull thistles before June 24th (St. John’s day).  Anyone who did would find they would only multiply three times over.
Bee keeping was another important activity of June, which was when they were expected to begin swarming. Watching a hive was typically children’s work, as they could do so while spinning or doing some other household task. When a swarm formed, it would be followed by villagers banging pots and making other loud noises to “help the bees settle” and also stake their claim on the swarm.
During the month of June, sheep would be taken to a pond or a stream to be washed before shearing. Running water was preferred because their wool tended to be so filthy. Other tasks for June included repairing barns and outbuildings, clearing away brush, digging hop plots, fixing broken carts, gathering hemp and flax, and making salt.

Enjoy another episode of Tales from the Green Valley, where some of the above labors and others are shown. The video demonstrates the washing and shearing of sheep, dairy production (making cheese), field labors, special foods, and June festivities. For more information about wool production, you can revisit another of my posts on the subject. Check out my Medieval Index for a variety of other topics related to the Middle Ages.

The Beast of London by L.D. Goffigan

Mina Murray once lived an adventurous life, but after a tragedy in the forests of Transylvania, she left it all behind. Now she has settled into a quiet routine as a schoolteacher in London, engaged to the respectable solicitor Jonathan Harker, attempting to fit into the stuffy upper class London society to which he belongs.

Her dark past comes careening into her present when Jonathan is abducted by a group of vampires from a society ball. Determined to rescue him, she teams up with her former paramour Abraham Van Helsing and his colleague, Scotland Yard Inspector John Seward.

As they pursue Jonathan’s abductors from England to the Low Countries and beyond, Mina realizes that Jonathan’s abduction is tied to a larger threat against humanity…

An electrifying retelling of a classic tale, THE BEAST OF LONDON is the first book of the Mina Murray series. If you love adventure, romance, and mystery with a paranormal twist, then pick up your copy today.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

The Spirit Box by Lee Isserow

It’s not a nightmare if you’re awake…

Ana’s grandmother has died in a horrific fashion.
Soon, she finds herself under assault by the same supernatural forces.
With nowhere else to turn to, Rafe, a low-level magical detective comes to her aid.

But all is not as it seems with the entity that’s hunting Ana down.
Nor is all as it seems with Rafe, or Ana for that matter.
Everyone has secrets, and some secrets are powerful enough to kill.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shadow Stalker by Renee Scattergood | Renee's Author Spotlight

Originally posted on Renee's Author Spotlight:

Renee Scattergood lives in Australia with her husband, Nathan, and daughter, Taiya. She has always been a fan of fantasy and was inspired to become a story-teller by George Lucas, but didn't start considering writing down her stories until she reached her late twenties. Now she enjoys writing dark fantasy and paranormal thrillers.

She is currently publishing her monthly Shadow Stalker serial, and she has published a prequel novella to the series called, Demon Hunt. She is also working on a new series of novels, A God's Deception.

Aside from writing, she loves reading (fantasy, of course), watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her daughter. Visit her site for more information and a free copy of Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 6).

Connect with the Author

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About the Series

Shadow Stalker Part 1 (Episodes 1 - 6)

Auren learns she is destined to enslave the people of her world, and Drevin, emperor of the Galvadi Empire is determined to end her life before it happens. Her foster father, Kado, has sworn to protect her and trains her as a shadow stalker. But her training is cut short, when their people are overrun by the Galvadi Empire. Now she has to find a way to help her people without succumbing to the prophecy.

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Shadow Stalker Part 2 (Episodes 7 - 12)

Auren is captured by the Galvadi trying to rescue her friend, Jade, and tortured by the man who is supposed to love and protect her. When Makari finally realizes she's not the delohi-saqu as his father claims, he helps her escape, but their plans don't go as expected.

Shadow Stalker Part 3 (Episodes 13 - 18)

Things go from bad to worse when the Galvadi Empire develops a new technology to use against the shadow stalkers. Now Kado and Makari are more determined than ever to keep Auren away from their enemies, but Auren decides enough is enough and takes matters into her own hands. She turns herself over to the Galvadi to get close to Drevin and Makari has no choice but to play along. He is forced to either torture Auren to prove his loyalty or die knowing she will be tortured and enslaved anyway. Somehow, they must get close enough to Drevin to bring him down and put an end to the Galvadi’s tyranny once and for all.

Keep reading for an excerpt:

"Are you ready?" Kado asked me.

"Ready for what?"

He removed a wooden lid covering the well and took a rope from a hook inside the opening. "You will need to climb down into the hole."

"And then what?"

"Well, that will be up to you."

"You're not making sense again."

He tilted his head toward the well. "Go on."

I sighed. This seemed like a silly lesson. I had rappelled down many cliffs and into many caverns with Kado over the years. It was nothing new to me. Maybe he was going to start with the easy stuff. I grabbed the rope and sat on the wall of the well. Then I swung my legs over the side and started my descent.

It looked a lot deeper than it was. It was so dark I couldn’t see the bottom, and the opening became snugger as I lowered myself into the hole. By the time I reached the bottom, the walls touched me on all sides, but not enough to slow my progress. Then it opened up, and I found myself in a cavern of some sort. A little further, and my feet were on the ground.

I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and then looked around the open space. The walls were obscured from view, but I heard the burbling of an underwater spring nearby. I looked up and was almost blinded by the light shining through the shaft I had just descended. I thought Kado might be coming down after me, but I didn’t see him.

"Okay I'm down here. Now what?"

"Let go of the rope."

I dropped the rope, and watched it disappear through the top of the hole.

"Kado, what are you doing?"

Without a word, he put the lid over the hole and left me in complete darkness.

Secrets and Souls by Kelly Stock

Set forty years before The Soul Guide, this is a story of Bertram and Mellissa…

"You think I don't know that you’re keeping secrets from me? I am not the only liar here..."

The last thing Bertram expected after his grandfather’s death was to find himself the owner of Clayhill Manor, a decrepit mansion with little going for it other than musty rooms filled with moth-eaten furniture and mice. But at least he gets to maintain the solitary life he’s used to. That is, until red-headed beauty, Mellissa, walks into his home and changes his life forever.

With one touch of her hand, Bertram finds himself part of world he never knew existed. Where he is the Caretaker, and Mellissa the Soul Guide. Where doors appear out of nowhere and he’s the only one who can see them.

Together they must face a strange new world hidden just beneath the surface. A world which contains the pure of soul and malevolent creatures that lurk in the dark.

But Mellissa holds secrets within her, secrets that hurt her heart. With a past that she’s unwilling to share with a man who is falling in love with her, can they put their feelings aside and fulfil their roles or will her secrets tear them apart?

Apart they are weak, together they are stronger, and the Mephisto are always watching.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fantasy Art Wednesday | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

There is a certain beauty about this dim and overgrown swamp. A female figure pushes a boat through the still, shallow water, the light of a single lantern barely illuminating the way before her. She doesn’t seem quite human. What is she? Does she belong to this wet, shadowy world, or is she just a stranger passing through? Where did she come from, and where is she going?

#ISWG - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (But It's All Good)! | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

I missed last months post, and nearly missed this month as well, thanks to the flu. It's that time of year here in Australia, and I get sick so easily at the best of times. Of course, I scheduled to get the flu shot the day before I got sick, but thankfully by the time I went in my fever had broken, so I was able to get it. I seriously hope I can avoid getting that sick again. I end of falling so far behind.
I still haven't finished writing Episode 20 of my Shadow Stalker serial and Episode 21 is due out tomorrow... guess what's not happening?
At least I've been writing little bits at a time though, and Episode 20 is nearly done. I'll just release stuff as I finish it until I'm all caught up. Thankfully, I have a great group of readers who seem to be very supportive when I get sick like this. Happens to us all, I suppose.
Writing for me is always slow between March and August, so I think in the future I need to plan for that...and that's what I wanted to talk about today.
It's so easy to get caught up in the stress and anxiety of keeping up with a schedule, especially when you have a chronic illness. For those who don't know, I have Hashimoto's Disease, which is an autoimmune disease which affects the thyroid. I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't respond well to the treatment, so most days I feel like I haven't slept for days, my brain almost always feels like mush, and I won't even get started on the pain.
I used to get very stressed out and feel like a failure when I couldn't keep up with writing schedules like other authors, but it was very counterproductive. So I started talking about my illness and my setbacks with others, and it was the best thing I could have done. People are quite supportive, which gave me the push I needed to keep going.
It's important to recognize your limitations and work with them, rather than trying to force yourself to keep up with everyone else. Instead of worrying whether or not I'm keeping up with my schedule, I rearrange my schedule when I need to, and instead I focus on following a routine. Even when I'm not well, I try to write a little every day. I've had days where all I could manage was a few sentences, but every little bit brings me closer to finishing my project.
Some days I can't write at all, but that's okay too. I use those days to catch up on other things like emails and promotional stuff. If I can't get out of bed, I'll even work from my phone (thank goodness for smartphones, right?). Eventually, I always catch up. It helps that I schedule time off from writing during my daughter's school holidays, so I can use that time for catching up.
Do you have trouble sticking to a schedule? Do you have an illness or injury that makes it seem impossible? What do you do to keep going? I'd love to hear your story.

Check out some other great #IWSG posts by other great authors!

#WIP Wednesday - Don't Sneeze on Me! | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

I know... weird title. But it's totally relevant. I've fallen so far behind again thanks to the flu.
Worse, I get sick really easily.
And even worse than that... I have to take a trip into town tomorrow, and I know there are going to be people sneezing, coughing and other nasty things in my proximity.
It can't be helped though. It's winter and my daughter needs pants for school, so I'll brave the germ infested mall and hope I get out of it unscathed.
Needless to say, I haven't gotten much done recently as far as writing. Episode 21 of my Shadow Stalker serial was due to be released today, and I'm still working on the end of Episode 20. So yeah... I'm getting there, but it definitely won't be on time.
I've decided I'm just going to release things as I finish them for now... at least until flu season is over. I do have a short story I wrote last year (forgot about it completely) that I'll hopefully be releasing on the 21st. It just needs a bit of editing (and a cover). And I hope I'll have Episodes 20 and 21 finished before the end of the month. That's what I'm shooting for anyway. We'll see how it goes.
I did start working on my new serial a little while I was sick. It's going to be fun to write. I'm doing it a lot differently than Shadow Stalker. For one, it's not going to have a definitive ending. Each year I plan to write a new season of 22 episodes, and I'll keep writing until people get sick of it (or I run out of story ideas). Also, the episodes are going to be much shorter, but I'll be releasing a new one every two weeks, so readers won't have to wait nearly as long.
I'll be writing these well in advance too (in fact, I'll be halfway finished with season one by the end of this year), so getting them released in time shouldn't be an issue.
I've put my novels on hold until I'm caught up with the serial episodes though. But I'm nearly ready to get started on the writing.
More to come... if you want regular updates (and a free book), sign up below!

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With over a million words of original Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery Fantasy from more than twenty bestselling and award winning authors, prepare to lose yourself in the high-stakes fates of lovers, heroes, and villains.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Medieval Monday: Blacksmiths | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

Blacksmiths played a vital role in medieval society. Everyone, from the lowest peasant, to the King required their services. Every village had at least one blacksmith, with larger towns and cities supporting many more of them.
We often have a certain image in mind when it comes to the medieval blacksmith; we see them crafting swords, daggers, armor, and shields. And certainly there were some blacksmiths—particularly those that worked in castles—who specialized in producing the tools of war. Castle blacksmiths were envied for the position of prestige they held, and their positions were usually hereditary. But whether they were working in a castle, or a rural village, a blacksmith’s work was dirty, loud, hot, and physically demanding with little glamor in the daily routine.
Aside from weapons and armor, just about every chore and trade required some kind of metalwork. Mundane items like nails, doorknobs horseshoes, chains, kitchen tools, utensils for cooking in fireplaces, cauldrons, farming implements, locks, keys, arrow tips, axes, and much more were all made by blacksmiths. Once made, many items also needed constant repair, making a blacksmith’s job a very busy one. Some blacksmiths might even make jewelry, or somewhat more frightening, torture devices. Blacksmiths with special skill could make intricate and impressive wrought iron pieces for structures like cathedrals and castles, and metalwork intended for defense. With the wide variety of items made, and the different skills required for each, it is no surprise that their work was eventually split up into different specialties. Not every blacksmith did the same kind of work, and some branched out into work with precious metals. By the 14th century, clocks were even added to the blacksmith’s repertoire.
There were unusual beliefs and superstitions surrounding blacksmiths. They were thought by some to have healing powers, particularly over injuries like broken bones. However, they were also sometimes associated with the devil. While they were too important to be persecuted due to this belief, blacksmiths were often the object of colorful legends.
Enjoy this video showing a blacksmith at work to learn a little more about the craft and how to make a medieval axe.

Use the Medieval Monday Index to discover more topics relating to daily life in the Middle Ages.

Rise of the Storm by Christina Ochs

The start of the new historical fantasy series readers are comparing to George R. R. Martin and Michael J. Sullivan.

Would you risk your home, your family, your kingdom to follow your conscience?

Prince Kendryk's life is perfect.

But if he stands up for the truth, he risks losing it all.

As the ruler of Terragand, Kendryk governs his kingdom with a fair hand. Craving only the love of his beautiful wife and a future for their three children, Kendryk seeks the best for all under his care.

But when a befriended member of the clergy is tried as a heretic for urging reform of the faith, or risk a coming catastrophe, Kendryk makes one grave decision that threatens to lay all he has labored for to ruin.

Labeled a rebel and traitor, Kendryk finds his homeland crushed between the iron hands of war and the merciless command of the Empress Teodora. The only chance of salvation rests in alliance with like-minded rulers. But even that may not be enough to reverse the tide created by the sheer military might of the Empress and her commanders.

Torn between his heart and his duty, can Kendryk and his allies defy the oppression of the empire and reclaim their freedom? Or will all-consuming war destroy everything it touches?

Rise of the Storm is the first book in Christina Ochs’ new historical fantasy series. If you like Game of Thrones-style action and intrigue, you'll want to pick up this page-turning adventure now. Read for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Get it today on Amazon!

Old Farmer's Road by Isaiyan Morrison

Mysterious deaths have plagued the desolate, swamp filled area of Old Farmer’s Road for decades.
After moving to Minneapolis Cecilia is befriended by Isaac and Elsie, siblings who have kept a dark secret hidden about their past for countless years. As her body is taken over by a demonic force, she finds herself an Impa, a rare and supernatural creature who lives off the flesh and essence of her victims to stay alive.

With the bloated bodies of missing teens beginning to resurface, the voice of the ratchet old farmer’s voice inside her head begs for “Just One More.”

Consumed in the macabre environment, the urge to feed takes control over not only her body but her soul. Soon Cecilia comes to a realization that giving the voice exactly what It wants will never be enough.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Syndicate Wars: First Strike by Justin Sloan

With an alien invasion and survival of the human race at stake, service in the Marines was no longer optional, it was a matter of life and death.

This was especially true for Quinn, a Marine sergeant who was hell-bent on ensuring that her young daughter had a world to grow up in. But one thing separates Quinn from the others:

She’s a certifiable badass.

And as the aliens will learn, it’s tough to keep a good woman down

"SYNDICATE WARS is the perfect mash-up of STARSHIP TROOPERS and THE DIRTY DOZEN. A space opera with heart, great characters, and neverending action, the set-up will suck you in and the characters and story, including a very cool time-travel hook, will keep you wanting more."

-- Stephen L'Heureux, SOLIPSISTFILMS (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For)

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Author Spotlight: The Shadow of Narwyrm: The Complete Trilogy by Tom Fallwell | Renee Scattergood

Originally posted by Renee Scattergood:

Welcome to this week's Friday Author Spotlight! Today I have Tom Fallwell joining us with his complete trilogy, The Shadow of Narwyrm. He'll also be answering some questions later on. But first...
Tom Fallwell, early in his life, found a love for the wonderful escape into realms undreamed of through books of Fantasy and Science-Fiction. Weaned on some of the greats, like J.R.R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert E. Howard, Roger Zelazny, Robert A. Heinlein, Michael Moorcock, just to name a few, Tom's imagination was forever inspired by those marvelous tales.
One day, he discovered a simple book of rules called Chainmail, by Gary Gygax, and found a new love. The love of creating adventures and stories of his own. Chainmail evolved into Dungeons & Dragons, and Tom played consistently with friends as both a player and a dungeon master (DM). Such activities developed his ability to create worlds and stories for other players to enjoy.
Now retired from his long career as a software developer, Tom writes all the adventures and characters that seem to constantly fill his mind and share them with the world.

Connect with the Author

Stay up to Date!

About the Books

The Rangers of Laerean are the protectors of the people, the heroes of Hir. Their exploits are legendary and their great deeds recounted in tales across the ages. These are the stories that will be told for generations.
Baric is a Ranger, a true leader, whose destiny lies before him. It's a journey that starts out small, with but a whisper, and leads him on a quest to save his world from total annihilation and destruction. A journey fraught with obstacles, mystery, love and loss. A journey that tests him and drives him ever closer to the destiny that awaits him.
The forces of shadow conspire against the Rangers and the land to bring about total chaos and destruction. Baric finds himself embroiled in a dark plot to put an end to all civilized races and must find a way to stop the terror. Finding new friends along the way, Baric learns about the past Eras of Hir and the about the creatures called, the Mythica. He soon realizes he is battling forces that have been in contention since the beginning of time, and it will take all his strength and willpower to overcome against the Shadow of Narwyrm.

Get it Today!

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Keep reading for an interview with the author:

Why did you decide to be a writer?
It wasn't so much of a decision as an opportunity. I'd always loved creating stories and adventures, but never had much time to do much with my ideas and all the characters I created, until I retired from my software developer career. I then found I have lot of time and just sat down and started writing. I haven't stopped yet.
Did you have a hard time sharing your work with the public?
I didn't really mind sharing, though I did have that fear of rejection that I'm sure we all go through at times. But my faith is my shield, and I simply put my trust in God. If I see a bad review or rating, I don't allow it to tear me down. I write for me, and not anyone else. It is a special bonus to know someone else enjoys what I write.
What genres do you write?
As far as published works, so far it has been Fantasy, and Science-Fantasy. Although I've many ideas and notes which cover Science-Fiction, Mystery, Thriller and other genres. I must admit I favor Fantasy, but I won't limit myself.
Is there a genre that you've been wanting to experiment with?
I've actually been experimenting with a story idea that could be classified as a Thriller/Mystery. I have a lot going on, so I'm not sure when that one will get completely written, though I do a little work on it from time to time. I also have a couple of Science-Fiction stories I'm developing, though I can't put a lot of time into them at the moment.
How often do you write?
Every day. Occasionally I may take a day or two off, but pretty much every day.
How long does it take you to write a novel?
I don't write fast. I'm more focused on quality, perhaps a holdover from my computer programming days. Generally, about 4-6 months, though that varies.
If you could be one of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?
It would definitely be the Ranger Baric. Baric is a character that was created a long time ago, and has been with me for many decades. I know him better than any of my characters, and he has always been the epitome of a hero to me.
What authors/books have most influenced you?
J.R.R. Tolkien is my greatest influence, hands down, though not the only author whom I admire. There are so many. On top of my list is C.S. Lewis, Robert E. Howard and Frank Herbert. For books it is, of course, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Conan series and Dune.
If you could choose an author to be your mentor, who would it be?
J.R.R. Tokien. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be taught storytelling by the master storyteller. :)
When did you first consider yourself an author?
When I started writing. As far as I'm concerned, the term 'author' is not a title that someone bequeaths to you, it is what you do. Being an author does not require anyone's approval or permission. Also, success at being an author is a relative thing. Your own success is however you wish to define it. It's not always monetary.
What is the best compliment you've ever received as an author?
For me, it was when my father (who never reads books) read my book and liked it. I've never received a better compliment. :)
What is the best writing advice you've ever received?
If you don't write simply because you love writing, then maybe you should consider another profession or pastime. Your attitude and love of writing will be reflected in what you write. So be sure you're writing for yourself first.
What made you decide to self-publish?
I like having full control over my work. Just that plain and simple. I don't want anyone telling me what I can or can't write, when I can write, or how much my work should sell for.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fantasy Art Wednesday | Allison D. Reid

Originally posted by Allison D. Reid:

Get inspired with this week’s Fantasy Art Wednesday, where fun fantasy artwork is combined with a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

This beautiful mountain valley reminds me of places I saw when I was traveling through the Alps. But imagine this isn’t the Alps–this is a fantasy world, where anything could be on the other side of that mountain.
The beauty of this place is deceiving, and this is no idyllic afternoon outing. You’re on a pressing  journey through these mountains; treacherous on foot, with steep, slippery surfaces, cold, wet weather, and scarce sources of food.
Is that a thick fog ahead, or is a dangerous storm gathering? Either way, going headlong into it isn’t wise. Best to stay here among the green grasses and flowers until it passes by. Why are you here in the first place? Are you running from something, seeking refuge and the protection in this remote wilderness? Or is there something so incredible on the other side of the pass that it’s worth any risk just to find it?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Shades of Light by Justin Sloan

The Truth will set you free, what happens when the Truth is a Lie?

Rhona and her paladin brother Alastar belong to a holy people who have waged war on witches and warlocks and their clans from the highlands.

But when she uses magic to save his life, their world is thrown upside down. On the run, having left all they knew behind they have to rely on those who hate Paladins.

All magic is evil, the High Paladin tought... But Alastar starts to understand that he might have been mislead.

If his sister uses magic, and she isn't evil...what does that mean for his beliefs?

Brother and sister soon find themselves aligned with magic users and thrown in with the clans in a war against sorcerers and paladins alike, with only one hope of uniting the land--the legendary Sword of Light. It was lost years ago, and quest after quest by the holy paladins cold not retrieve it.

When you know the truth about magic... anything is possible.

Get it Today on Amazon!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Strong Armed is FREE! | Joshua Robertson

Originally posted by Joshua Robertson:

In preparation for our BIG RELEASE for Blood and Bile on June 7, 2017, JC Boyd is having his short story Strong Armed FREE on Amazon for the next 5 days. You can go grab your copy and put it on the TOP of the teetering To-Be-Read pile. You will not be disappointed. I mean, how often do you get to read a tale where the main character is a centaur?
Balvoc had always earned his bread with blood on his hands. But when he is forced to protect an amoral merchant to keep his wife safe, he must decide whether his wife’s life is worth the havoc caused by Sin-sim’s greed.


Consider pre-ordering Blood and Bile to help boost its numbers on release day! Here is some of what readers are already saying:
“J.C boyd and Joshua Robertson’s novel Blood and Bile is like Vikings meet the Crucible. Unlike most dark fantasy novels it keeps the focus tight, focusing on the events of a small community rather than a world spanning epic.”
“If you are looking for a truly dark fantasy book, you have found it.”
“It’s incredibly complex, compelling, riveting and will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.”
“I love the humor thrown about the story and the Norse feel. The language is, again, beautiful to read! Sometimes even poetic in it’s old-world style.”
“If you like zombies you will love this. ”

“Before the world came to be, there was nary beginning nor end, nary sky-shield nor night-wheel, nary war-garb nor shield-foe, nary fate-heeder nor fate-weaver, nor any thing living or dying or dead.”

Ranvir ripped meat from bone, the dew of deep wounds dribbling between his fingers. He packed the flesh into his teeth-house, chewing happily.
His wife gaped at him, word-land soundless, forehead-stones devoured long ago, and wound-necklace torn from ear to ear.
She had never looked more beautiful.
His hands probed into her blood’s-seat for another bite, nails scraping against cartilage, fingers squeezing organ and fat, seeking a tasty morsel.
Ranvir heard the rasping of his tent flap open, but did not turn from his meal. Snaer’s brisk breath briefly touched his back. and then he felt it no more. He swallowed another mouthful and pulled at his wife’s skin to gaze at the glossy remains.
A voice, light and feminine, spoke.


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